Step 1 - Recognition and Contact

  • Recognize your call

    A difficult problem for many Christians is how to discern whether God is really calling them to cross-cultural mission service. Jesus’ command to “Go” is direct enough and each Christian should attempt to go and reach others for Christ. So, how do I know if God is specifically calling me to cross-cultural mission service
  • Check your motives:

Is my life available to God to go anywhere and serve Him without condition?

  • Tune in to missions:

God calls people who are informed about missions. Listen to missionary speakers, read missionary books and bibliographies, attend missionary church services and conferences, and associate with men and women God has called and used in mission service to become better informed. Experience missions through cross-cultural ministry where you live and participate in Work & Witness trips or volunteer assignments.

  • Consult with mature Christians:

A spiritual pastor, district superintendent, and others you respect in your church will be very interested in knowing about your call to cross-cultural mission service. They will be able to give you advice, help evaluate your gifts, pray for God’s guidance, provide encouragement, and confirm if this is God’s call for your life. God has a different path for each of us. He may not guide you in the same way He has others.

  • Offer yourself to God for missionary service:

Contact the World Mission Candidate Opportunities office for more direction on becoming a missionary. Take this action with prayer expecting the Lord to open only the door He wants you to enter.

  • Contact the World Mission office in the world region where you are a citizen:

Meso America
South America
USA / Canada

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