Step 2 – Development

• College, University, and/or Seminary Degree:
Study in your area of interest and calling. Consult the Candidate Development Coordinator for guidance.


• Concentrated Growth in the Twelve (12) Core Elements of a Global Missionary:
This involves strategic effort to complete the profile qualifications of a missionary and should be done in consultation with the Candidate Development Coordinator. These main areas are included in the Twelve Core Elements.

- Personal Development
- Professional Development
- Institutional Development

• Cross-cultural Experience:
Include ongoing experience inside and outside of your country. Some opportunities include Work & Witness, Nazarenes on Call (NOC), Mission Candidate Opportunities, Tentmakers, and Youth in Mission (YIM).

Attend a Cross-Cultural Orientation:

- Cross-Cultural Orientation (CCO)

• Practical Experience:
Your ability to perform work in your own culture is one way World Mission can evaluate you for potential work in a cross-cultural assignment. A minimum of two years practical work experience is required.

• Missiological Study:
This may be completed through NTS School of World Mission and Evangelism.

• Formal Application:
This is the final application and should be completed in consultation with the Candidate Development and Candidate Coordinators within two years of eligibility.



Attend a CCO! What is a CCO?

The Offices of Candidate Development and Volunteerism for the Church of the Nazarene host an event for people interested in missions called a Cross-Cultural Orientation (CCO). The Department of World Mission sponsors these events throughout North America to assess, train, and orient individuals interested in cross-cultural ministry with the Church of the Nazarene. Attendance at a CCO is one of the first steps for those interested in serving as Mission Candidate Opportunities. CCO Attendance is a requirement for global candidates. Anyone interested in short-term or global missionary service may contact the Office of Candidate Development and Volunteerism for information on the CCO nearest them at or

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