Follow The Leader

John 13:3-17

Have you ever played the childhood game of Simon Says? One person is chosen to be Simon, the others are the players. Simon tells the players what they must do, but the players are only to do these actions when the leader proceeds them with, “Simon says.” If Simon says, “Simon says pat your head,” then players must pat their head. But, if Simon simply says, “spin around,” players must not spin around. Those that do spin around are out.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus declares himself the example of how we are to live. Typically, washing feet is the role of the lowest servant. Jesus took on that role and washed the disciple’s dirty feet and then told the disciples to do likewise. The disciples are to follow after their leader. Ironically, “Simon” Peter struggled with allowing Jesus to wash his feet.

Following after Jesus isn’t a game. Whatever Jesus says, we are to obey. Whatever Jesus does, we are to do. When we look at our lives, how well do we follow after our leader?

Author: Paul Dazet

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