The Victory Is Already Won

1 Corinthians 15:42-58

I have often heard it said, “What is the point of doing good? I don’t make much of a difference.” At the food pantry I served, there were days when I felt my work helped people, but then there were days when people were ungrateful, mean, and rude. Sometimes it felt like the struggle to find resources was not worth it. Then God would bring before me the faces of all the grateful people who our ministry brought hope to.

When we look out at the world, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the problems: poverty, sickness, war, famine, and so on. It seems like death is everywhere. Paul reminds us that death no longer has the victory. Christ has won the battle. Paul encourages us to no longer live in ways that act like death still has power. We are called to live in the hope of Christ’s victory, persevering in our work with the knowledge that no matter how bad it gets the battle has been won by the risen savior. As we go out to serve our world, let us remember that Christ has already won. Let us look past death and see the new creation which Christ has brought.

Author: Stephanie Malcolm

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