World Mission Broadcast provides personalized audio greetings

Global Ministry Center

Through World Mission Broadcast, Nazarene radio, television, and Internet programs are spreading the good news of Jesus Christ around the world. These programs can reach thousands of viewers, extending beyond borders and barriers to reach the hearts of listeners worldwide.

One such program in the Philippines has a listening audience of 15 million. This program would not be possible without the support of Nazarenes who give generously.

June is the traditional month for WMB offerings, although offerings may be collected at any time of year. WMB provides several free resources to help pastors and mission leaders inform and inspire their congregations. One such resource is a personalized audio greeting that brings the voice of Nazarene broadcasts into your service with the latest news, stories, and ways to pray for the denomination’s global broadcast ministry. 

To order a WMB personalized audio greeting, click here.

Please allow a two-week turnaround time. Contact or call 913-577-2922 for more information.

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