Venezuela church helps community in midst of national crisis

Los Chichies, Venezuela

The Valley of Beraca Church of the Nazarene in Venezuela organized a workday to clean the central plaza of the Los Chichies community, where the church is located. 

The plaza is the only public space in the area, and entire families came together with cleaning supplies and tools to support the annual church community cleanup day. 

Church members invited the community to be part of the movement of God in this place, giving the vision to make Christlike disciples in Los Chichies. Approximately 300 community members participated with church members, recognizing God is their only hope in the midst of the humanitarian crisis which has struck the country. 

Throughout the day, volunteers cut the grass, trimmed trees, and swept and washed the sidewalks. The cleanup made an obvious impact in the plaza. The workday ended in the evening with a community prayer for Los Chichies and for the situation throughout Venezuela. 

The church has completed several outreach activities in the community since it opened in 2012, and the community’s 2,500 residents have taken note.

-- Church of the Nazarene South America Region

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