Trinidad and Tobago church reaches out to Spanish migrant community

Arima, Trinidad and Tobago

Arima Church of the Nazarene recently launched a ministry to the growing Spanish migrant community in Trinidad and Tobago.

Many Venezuelan families are fleeing their homeland due to economic and social unrest. Thousands have migrated to the Caribbean English-speaking nation of Trinidad and Tobago to seek a better life.

Most cannot speak English — the main language of Trinidad and Tobago — so the church offers English as a Second Language classes to the migrants. They also offer monthly compassionate ministry distributions and a weekly Spanish worship service.

One of the migrants was recently baptized alongside other new Christians, so there is a need for leaders to disciple the Spanish community in their own language. Current church leaders are trusting God will continue to raise up people with a heart for migrant ministry and the passion to serve Spanish-speaking people in the Caribbean.

The church also partnered with a local humanitarian agency to use its facilities to host a child-friendly space for children of Spanish migrants. The children gather three days a week at the church for educational childcare. 

Some of the migrants live in challenging circumstances and work in order to send money back home to their families. To help combat their financial unrest, the church's leaders are working with District Superintendent Victor George to support this ministry. 

With the help of God, the Arima church members hope to do more to help the Spanish migrant community in 2019.

--Arima Church of the Nazarene via NCN News submissions

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