Participate in NYC 2019 through prayer

As Nazarene Youth Conference 2019: Love God, Love Others approaches, USA/Canada Nazarene Youth International staff are encouraging participation through prayer.

An NYC Prayer Wall offers an opportunity to surround every student, sponsor, and volunteer connected to NYC 2019 in prayer:

Nothing happens in the NYC movement without prayer. The NYC 2019 Prayer Wall offers an opportunity for everyone to support the next generation of NYC Alumni. We invite you to click the link below and add the first name of someone you know who is considering attending NYC 2019. Your prayers make a difference as we encourage students to participate in the life-changing experience that is Nazarene Youth Conference.

Nazarene Youth Conference is a youth event held every four years in different locations across the U.S. and Canada. High school students from across North America belonging to the Church of the Nazarene gather together in a time of worship, teaching, and community outreach, united by a common belief in Jesus Christ. The event will be held July 10-14, 2019, in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Additional NYCs or Nazarene Youth Congresses are held on all the Church of the Nazarene's world regions: Africa, Asia-PacificEurasia, Mesoamerica, and South America.

Click here to learn more and to add a name to the NYC Prayer Wall.

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