Nazarene youth provide clean water for Sri Lanka village

Sri Lanka

In eastern Sri Lanka, the lives of approximately 1,700 people have changed thanks to youth from around the world. Through the support of the Justice Movement, a water, sanitation, and hygiene program (WASH) is benefitting 300 families.

The project was led by Nazarene Compassionate Ministries of Lanka (NCM Lanka). After months of education and relationship building, WASH program staff asked the local community for help in minimizing improper sanitation and hygiene practices in the village. Four young women volunteered to join the efforts. An invitation was also given to Nazarene youth in the area to join, four of whom volunteered. With a team of eight volunteers and a group leader, NCM Lanka began its ministry earlier this year. It was the culmination of conversations, willingness to learn, and the determination of many leaders working together.

The work area has broadened to include the addition of five tube wells and the restoration of wells that have needed repair for some time. Previously, people were walking two-to-three kilometers to get water that was not always safe to drink. Now, the five water points that have already been installed in the community are located so villagers can each access safe water within 500 meters of their homes.

The Justice Movement is a collaboration of Nazarene Youth International and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries that was founded in 2015. Its first global campaign, Just Water, focuses on education and advocacy around the global water crisis.

Click here to participate in this year’s Just Water Campaign, and see the movement live on Facebook and Instagram.

-- The Justice Movement

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