M19 pre-conference event to highlight organic outreach in local churches

Kansas City, Missouri

Walt Bennett and Sherry and Kevin Harney will lead the newly announced M19 pre-conference on organic outreach.

USA/Canada Regional Director Bob Broadbooks and the M19 Conference leaders announced the addition of a pre-conference seminar to accompany the M19 Conference 11-13 February 2019 in Kansas City, Missouri. The seminar, Organic Outreach for Churches: Infusing Evangelistic Passion into Your Local Congregation, will take place 11 February.

This pre-conference event is designed to provide direction to church and district leaders who want to graft evangelistic passion and practice onto the DNA of their churches. Those who attend can learn how to heal their church, find organic ways to connect with their communities, and share Jesus’ message.

The seminar will be led by church growth experts Kevin and Sherry Harney and Walt Bennett. 

Kevin is a speaker and the lead pastor of Shoreline Community Church in Monterey, California. He is also visionary leader of Organic Outreach International and cofounder of the organization with his wife, Sherry. Sherry is the leadership development director at Shoreline Community Church and has authored books and study guides, as well as collaborating with Kevin. 

They will be joined by Walt Bennett, the executive pastor for Organic Outreach International and pastor for Shoreline Community Church, who has also held significant training roles in the U.S. Navy, public schools, and the corporate world

The seminar will explore the true meaning of outreach. 

“Outreach is not simply about sending money and prayers to the mission field on the other side of the planet, though this is a good practice,” said Randy Cloud, M19 producer. “We don’t reach our full evangelistic potential simply by having a committee that plans occasional events to help those in need, though this can be helpful. Organic outreach is what happens when evangelistic vision and action become the domain of every ministry in a church and the commitment of every member of the congregation."

This workshop will get those attending started on the path of transforming their church culture. When taken along with the Organic Outreach breakout sessions during the M19 Conference, participants will receive the equivalent of a fully immersive Organic Outreach Intensive Training. They will leave with an action plan to launch a journey of transformation in their church or district.

The cost for the pre-conference is $25 per person. For more information or to register, visit M19conference.org. If you have already registered for M19, click here and choose “Already Registered.” Use your M19 confirmation number to add a pre-conference to your registration.  

--Church of the Nazarene USA/Canada

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