M19 announces full workshop lineup

Kansas City, Missouri

The leadership team for the M19 Conference has finalized all workshops and special sessions. Details are now available at M19conference.org.

Participants are encouraged to look over the list of more than 180 workshops and begin planning which sessions they would like to attend. There are also several special feature presentations available, including the following.
Tuesday 12 February
Morning Seminar: Q&A with the Board of General Superintendents
Mega Lunch Seminar: Growing Young—Helping Young People Discover & Love Your Church with Brad Griffin and Keegan Lenker*
Mega Lunch Seminar: Organic Outreach—Cultivating a Heart for Reaching the Lost with Kevin Harney*
Mega Lunch Seminar: Evangelism & Discipleship Best Practices; in Spanish with English translation*
Mega Lunch Seminar: You Will Be My Witnesses: Embodied Evangelism in a Secular Age with Scott Daniels*
Wednesday 13 February
Morning Seminar: “Why Holiness?” Book Presentation with Carla Sunberg
Mega Lunch Seminar: Evangelism Today with Ed Stetzer*
Mega Lunch Seminar: Multicultural Congregations (Roundtable Discussion)*
Mega Lunch Seminar: When Sex and Politics Mix with Dan Boone*

M19 is the USA/Canada Region mid-quadrennial mission conference held in Kansas City, Missouri, from 11 to 13 February.

*Box lunches for the Mega Seminars can be ordered through January 31 at the time of registration. If you have already registered for M19, click here and choose “Already Registered.” Additional instructions for modifying your registration may be found here.

--Church of the Nazarene USA/Canada

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