Just Water unfolds in Sri Lanka

The Justice Movement, born in July 2015 as a partnership between Nazarene Youth International and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, exists to help youth partner with churches to make an impact in the world.

The group challenges students and leaders to drink water in order to become advocates for clean water and to raise funds for global water, sanitation, and hygiene education programs.

“In one short year, we’ve made a huge impact together,” said Brooklyn Lindsey, global justice advocate for the Church of the Nazarene. “To date, Just Water participants have raised over US$80,000 for WASH programs globally. We celebrate the voice and generosity of a global church!”

In August, The Justice Movement took a trip across the country of Sri Lanka with NCM leaders and NYI students from four different countries — Australia, the U.S., India, and Sri Lanka.

The trip was to initiate WASH programs in two villages where NCM is currently working.

Nazarene Youth International was able to be involved in the holistic development of communities in need thanks to an empowering church with a growing young leaders mindset.

“The work continues through NCM Sri Lanka/Global NYI, and we hope you will pray for [all of us] as we meet needs and share the love of Jesus Christ together in these communities and in future communities,” Lindsey said.

The Justice Movement exists to make helping others easier by providing simple ways to love justice and to live compassionately.

Nazarenes are invited to

●      learn about injustice

●      become advocate storytellers

●      creatively raise funds for people in need

“More than 31 teams from 10 different countries worked together to create change for brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka, and thousands have joined the movement by taking Just Water Challenges and fundraising,” Lindsey said. “We hope you’ll join us too!”

Start a justice journey today by learning more at justicemovement.com or giving at justwater.causevox.com.

--The Justice Movement