The Foundry Kids new curriculum features children’s biblical hermeneutic

Kansas City, Missouri

The Foundry Kids will be releasing a new children’s curriculum, Eureka!, in Fall 2019. With this new curriculum comes a biblical hermeneutic developed specifically for children, encouraging kids to explore Scripture at a deeper and more meaningful level than they may be accustomed to. 

“At its foundation, Eureka! disciples kids by teaching them the fundamentals of studying God’s Word — not only so they can grow in their faith today but also to equip them with the skills they’ll need to study the Bible throughout their lives,” said Jeremy Bond, Foundry Kids product developer.
In five steps, children will explore scripture every week.

First, kids will explore the words of the passage. Second, they will think and talk about what’s happening in the passage. Third, they will explore other Bible passages that can provide additional context. Fourth, they will dig into what the passage says about God, His love, and His character. Finally, they will explore what the passage says about humanity by asking “What does this passage say about me and the people around me?”
This biblical hermeneutic will be found in every lesson of the Eureka! and will create a fun and meaningful way to bring Scripture alive to children.
Eureka! is available to order for Fall 2019 at

--The Foundry Publishing