Final day of NYC tells students to 'Go!'

Louisville, Kentucky

Nazarene Youth Conference: Thy Kindom Come drew to a close by focusing on one word: "go."

A resounding thank you was given to the hundreds of volunteers, 7,000 sponsors and participants, and the USA/Canada Nazarene Youth International staff and council.

Guest speaker Eric Samuel Timm began by giving a live art performance, painting a picture of Jesus.

Timm's message began with his hope for the students.

“I pray this wouldn’t be a moment, but a lifestyle," he said. "Moments become movements become monuments.”

Timm continued by explaining the importance of our time.

“Time is precious; invest it wisely," he said. "Do something different with your time for the Kingdom to come.”

Using the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19, Timm told of how Jesus took the time and looked up and saw Zacchaeus in the tree. While everyone called Zacchaeus a sinner and tax collector, Jesus did something different called him by name.

“Jesus sees us not in the present reality, but in the possibility,” Timm said. “Jesus went to his home for dinner and ate at the table. The table matters — in our homes, to Zacchaeus, to the disciples. Jesus takes ordinary things in His hands and makes them extraordinary."

Timm challenged the students to live as sent people who embody the Kindom here on earth.

“For the Kingdom to come, do something different," he said. "See those people in trees as Jesus sees them, and go and invite them to the table.”

Timm and NYC Pastor Mark Holcomb sat on stage with four NYC participants and led communion.

“As we come to the table, we don’t come by ourselves — we come as a family," Timm said. "Think about the people in the trees – people in your lives that are not round this table with us … yet. In a way, we bring them with us. Reach those people – go – for the sake of the Kingdom.”

NYC 2015 closed as it began, with songs of worship from Harbour and the reading of the Lord’s Prayer.

As students return to their homes and churches, NYC staff encourage them to remember that "It starts with you today. It changes us forever!"

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