Eurasia announces new regional NMI coordinators

The Church of the Nazarene Eurasia Region announced Danilo and Emily Aguilar as the new regional Nazarene Missions International coordinators this summer. The two have served as pastors in Portugal for the last five years.

In conjunction with their appointment as the NMI coordinators for the Eurasia Region, they will also be moving to Spain to pastor the Pelicano Church of the Nazarene in Madrid.

“We are excited to join this vibrant church in the heart of the city and follow the Lord towards new horizons for spreading the Gospel,” the Aguilars said.

The Aguilars recently sat down with staff from the Eurasia Region’s monthly newsletter, “Where Worlds Meet,” for a Q&A.

WWM: Why did you agree to take on coordination of this ministry in Eurasia?

Aguilars: Our region is vast and complex, so to be trusted with such an important ministry inspires us. We’re honored. With our team of field NMI leaders, we hope to understand the challenges experienced at the district and local NMI level and create fruitful ways to participate in God’s global mission in the local context.

WWM: Do you have prior experience in this ministry, say, at the local or district level at some point in your journey?

Aguilars: We both grew up in the Church of the Nazarene and have participated in local NMI events, education, and projects. However, [we have] not [served] in leadership roles.

WWM: As missionaries, what has this ministry meant to you? Do you have any positive personal stories of how it has supported or impacted you and your work?

Aguilars: [This ministry] connects us to our global church family. We have received letters and emails with prayers and greetings from local [ministry] presidents at just the right moment. Occasionally, a gift box arrives from our Links district to cheer up our daughters. On deputation, [these ministry leaders] and their churches have received us with open arms, and we’ve shared and learned from each other during these visits. Ultimately, we appreciate global Nazarene Missions International every day, as the homes we’ve lived in were provided through Alabaster offerings given by local churches around the world. [This ministry] has encouraged us as missionaries.

WWM: What do you believe is the ministry’s role or purpose/responsibility in Eurasia?

Aguilars: To incorporate Eurasia into the Church of the Nazarene’s global mission to go where the church is not yet using practical training, equipping, and recruiting to be an actively sending and supporting church.

WWM: What will you focus on as leaders of this ministry in Eurasia?

Aguilars: With the Lord’s guidance, we hope to set a vision and goals for [this ministry in] Eurasia that will measurably inspire our Eurasian districts and local churches to be fruitful in global missions. We will serve our field NMI leaders to be equipped and empowered to serve districts and local churches as we reach these goals together.

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