Dozens baptized at Mexico youth camp

San Juan, Mexico

More than 450 youth from across Mexico's Northeast District participated in a week of fun, learning, and fellowship at the district's annual youth camp. 

The event, themed Pentecost, featured workshops, Bible quizzing, sports, rallies, and conferences for married couples. Global Nazarene Youth International Council Chair Adiel Teixeira shared the Word of God, and more than 25 young adults were baptized during the event.

“Pentecost was an incredible celebration in which the Holy Spirit moved mightily and were able to enjoy being Church," said Pastor Jony Bernal, camp director. "To see youth commit to God and be sanctified was spectacular. It was very emotional and every second was worthwhile.”

The camp also included a breakfast conference for the youth leaders, and the youth enjoyed musical performances by Louie Abrego and a group from Punto de Gracia, The Apostles of Rap, among others.

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