DCPI event empowers local leaders to plant churches

Ridgecrest, North Carolina

The first USA/Canada Region Church Planting Churches training in Spanish this year was held 16-18 May at the LifeWay Ridgecrest Conference Center facilities in Ridgecrest, North Carolina. More than 20 participants from Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina attended the event.

The training was led by Regional Multicultural Ministries Director Roberto Hodgson, South Carolina District Superintendent Sam Flores, Regional Multicultural Literature Coordinator Mario Zani, and MidSouth District Hispanic Ministries Coordinator Eduardo Lelli. 

Church Planting Churches is one of five training tracks that Dynamic Church Planting International offers. Each track focuses on one aspect of church planting or church planter training.

This particular training aimed to inspire and empower existing churches to plant new churches, teach participants healthy church planting techniques, and help church planters work on a church planting implementation plan.

“Through this training, we will be able to spread the gospel during these difficult times in which we live,” said Liliana Tobar, event participant. “We are thankful for equipping us with knowledge and wisdom from God. This [event] has been fitting because we have a small group with people ready to be trained, and this training has allowed us to articulate a very concrete action plan.”

There are approximately 900 Hispanic Nazarene churches and ministries across the region, according to the General Secretary Office's report. The USA/Canada Region Hispanic coordinators are working to raise the number of Hispanic congregations to 1,000 by next year. 

For more information and registration for Spanish-language DCPI trainings events, visit nazarene.org/es/eventos-nazarenos.

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