Books for Pastors funds 25 miniature libraries in the Philippines

The Philippines

Philippine/Micronesia Field leaders recently developed a strategy to create 25 miniature libraries for students in theological extension classes and pastors in continuing education throughout the field. They received a grant last year from the Books for Pastors fund to make the plan a reality.

The strategy included buying the latest books from The Foundry Publishing, and through the help of personnel from the Global Ministry Center, the books were shipped from Kansas City, Missouri, to the Philippines, where they arrived last week.

Each of the 12 districts on the field and the libraries at Visayan Nazarene Bible College, Philippine Nazarene College, and Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary will receive one set of the 84 books. This allows students the opportunity to read books they would never have access to otherwise. The materials will provide students and pastors access to the latest theological and ministry thinking.

Even within the first week of receiving the books, district leaders and students are excited about having access to the new books. 

“Another blessing to our library for our students to use for research and studies,” said Noreen Del Rosario, APNTS head librarian.

There are more than 200 students enrolled in extension education sites and 250 students enrolled in theological education at the schools. The Philippines and the islands of Micronesia have over 400 churches, with multiple new church plants each year. 

The need for pastors is great as many churches are pastored by lay leaders who need more theological training. These books will provide resources to help deepen students’ preparation and practice for ministry.

--Church of the Nazarene Asia-Pacific

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