Nearly 900 million people, of whom 45% are under 15 years of age, live in Africa, a continent that is bigger than the USA, India, Europe, China, Argentina and New Zealand combined.

In a few spots on the continent, the history of the Church of the Nazarene, which is now present in 162 world areas, is as long as that of the denomination itself. From its small beginnings in West and Southern Africa, the work of the denomination on the continent has grown and expanded to 34 of the 54 independent African countries. The South became the hub from where, in the eighties, the church rapidly stretched out to Central, Eastern, and Western Africa. More than 611,000 Nazarenes in over 8,600 churches and preaching points, organized in 115 districts and 15 pioneer areas, constitute the Africa Region..

Globalization is facilitating the rapid population growth of Africa. In partnership with the other members of the Nazarene family worldwide, African Nazarenes face the challenges of the growing population, certain that Jesus is the hope of Africa. Under His command to “Make disciples of all Nations,” the Church of the Nazarene ministers to children, youth and adults. The mandate is carried out through the proclamation of the Biblical truth about God and man, and with the resolve to equip and empower every African Nazarene for service, first to their own people group, and then for cross-cultural ministry.

  • literature production (in over 40 languages)
  • radio programmes (in 16 languages)
  • Sunday School, youth and children’s discipleship, and mission awareness materials
  • JESUS Film for church planting
  • Compassionate actions for victims of war, pandemics, natural disasters and poverty.


Our Missionaries Serving in Africa


The Ali Family Jennifer and David Allen
Daniel and Melody Anderson Jacques and Hortance Mamboya Balibanga
Gabriel and Maryann Benjiman Rusty and Lauren Brian
Phillip and Monica Carr Errol and Rhonda Carrim
Maria Antonia and Danilo Carvalho Fernando Jorge and Ana Maria Carvalho
Ermias and Mulunesh Choliye Timothy and Michelle Eby
Collin and Shireen Elliott Adérito and Ester Ferreira
Socorro and Sara Fontes Jillian and Gavin Fothergill
Russell and Carla Frazier Mary and Friday Ganda
Don and Evie Gardner Dany & Anelie Gomis
Camilo and Sara Gonzalez Joseph and Beth Heath
Ashley and Tracey Hord Milly and Agnes Ibanda
Evans and Njeri Katanga Musa and Prudence Kunene
David and Lucy Lyle Mario and Irma Martinez
Greg and Christina Miller Dan and Sheri
Todd and Angela Monroe Paul and Beatrice Mtambo
Cosmas and Andronica Mutowa Wellington and Hellen Obotte
Stephen Phillips Jerry and Toni
Karen in Africa Rodney and Sarah Reed
Philip and Katy Gary and Penney Sidle
Jonas and Thais Sitoe Douglas and Emma Solomon
Moise and Marthe Toumoudagou Wheatley Family